I started making T shirts because nobody else made ones that followed my interests. I collect/restore/shoot antique military firearms, love straight razors, and play Advanced Squad Leader (ASL). I'm passionate about all 3 and will talk about them (endlessly) to anyone who might lend an ear. I have a buddy who makes T shirts and I thought that it would be interesting to learn how to create some clothes that 'talked' for me. The long and the short of it is that I learned how to print and started creating shirts for myself and people who might have similar passions. It turns out that there are a lot of us out there!

My 'morale' patch ideas grew out of the same passions. I love that I can create full color and hi-res patches that hold up better than the typical embroidered ones. I got sick of seeing the same designs all over the place and that they all come from China. I've got over 450 different patches available on eBay. I'm working on getting them all uploaded here. I really need to stop creating new ones...I've got a problem. I can also take your ideas and put them on a patch for $12.99 with no minimum order size and no artwork charges.

My goal is to create artwork that's unique, historically accurate and worth wearing. My wife handles the detailed business stuff and I create/print in my own personal one-man sweatshop. I print your items when you order them. I print your stuff by hand, right here in the USA.

I don't make crap. I don't want to cheat you. I stand behind my products. If you aren't happy with the transaction I'll make it right or I'll give your money back, it's as simple as that.

Thanks for checking us out!