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    The M1 Garand Rifle was the main battle weapon of the US Army during WWII and into the Korean conflict. The most famous and recognizable aspects of the Garand is the 8 round en block clip which makes a distinctive "Ping" sound when ejected. This shirt celebrates the sound all know and love

    This T Shirt is available in Grey, White, Sand or Olive Drab T Shirt 100% pre-shrunk ringspun cotton with distressed black ink. You'll never own a softer T Shirt!

    Here is a video of me firing my WWII Winchester M1 Garand using cast bullets I hand loaded. I tried to give you a feel for what it looks like behind the sights and you do get to hear the "ping" sound at the end!

    Click the picture below to see a very interesting training video shown to new recruits during WWII to give them confindence in their weapons versus those of the Germans. Watch the penetration of the 30.06 round as it cuts through a 12" diameter tree and goes through a concrete wall! Fast forward to 4:20 to go straight to the Garand, but all the videos are all worth a look.