Breaker Morant Movie Rule 303 Coffee Mug



Breaker Morant Rule 303 Coffee Mug!

This custom 11oz coffee mug features 2 images set on a British Khaki background:

  1. Rule 303 on the left-hand side
  2. The Breaker Morant movie poster on the Right.

This shiny mug is dishwasher and microwave safe

While commanding an elite British Army unit during the Second Boer War, Captain Morant was arrested and court-martialed for war crimes. According to military prosecutors, Morant had retaliated for the combat death of a fellow officer with the summary execution of nine Afrikaner POWs. He was found guilty and sentenced to death. Captain Morant was then court-martialed for the murder of a Lutheran minister, Rev. Daniel Heese. The German-born Heese had witnessed the POW massacre, indignantly vowed to inform Morant's commanding officer, and had been shot to death on the way the British Army HQ. Morant was acquitted of the Heese murder, but his sentence for the POW massacre was carried out by a firing squad drawn from the Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders on 27 February 1902.

Despite having left a written confession in his cell, Captain Harry Morant has become a folk hero in modern Australia. His court-martial and death have been the subject of books, a stage play, and an award-winning Australian New Wave film adaptation by director Bruce Beresford.