About Redheaded Productions

Redheaded Productions started in 2015 and was one of the first (if not THE first) morale patch company to offer dye sublimated patches. Creating high quality, High resolution artwork that lasts forever has been our goal from day one. We designed a custom fabric that accepts our artwork and use high quality hook and loop material to ensure that your patch stays put.

Our patches have been worn by the military and portrayed in new stories and photos posted as seen in the New York Times and even vice president Mike Pence on twitter.

If you have any questions feel free to email us at redheadedproductions @ gmail.com


--Our custom morale patches are not embroidered. We use a special process which puts the artwork inside the actual threads of the patch! 

--Our morale patches will never Fade and the artwork will never scratch off. 

--We print in full color and high resolution which is impossible with standard embroidery.

--We have 3 patch sizes: 2x3" , 3" and 1x4" (which are the standard morale patch sizes). 

--All of our patches come with hook and loop attached PLUS a piece of the 'soft' side of the hook and loopwhich can easily be sewn onto any garment, cap or bag. 

--Ourhook and loop is 'low profile' which means it can be sewn onto garments easily. Below is a picture of a customer who has sewn several of our patches onto a jacket.


Contact us at redheadedproductions@gmail.com with any questions!