Trump Mug Shot Morale Patch



Trump Mug Shot Custom Morale Patch 

2x3 Velcro Patch

Make a bold statement with the 2x3" Velcro Morale Patch featuring the Mug Shot of President Donald Trump—a unique emblem that captures a moment in history and showcases your individuality. This eye-catching patch is a must-have for collectors, political enthusiasts, and anyone seeking a distinctive addition to their gear.


🇺🇸 Trump Mug Shot: Channel your political passion with this Morale Patch that showcases President Donald Trump's memorable mug shot. It's a conversation starter that lets you express your views and make a statement about your beliefs.

🔒 Distinctive Design: Crafted with precision, this patch features a high-quality rendition of the Mug Shot that has garnered attention worldwide. Its intricate design ensures that it stands out on any gear it's attached to.

🎩 Collectible Item: Whether you're a fervent supporter, a curious observer, or a collector of political memorabilia, this patch offers a tangible piece of history. Display it proudly on your jacket, bag, or other gear to showcase your unique perspective.

Versatile Attachment: The Velcro backing ensures easy and secure attachment, making it a breeze to personalize your belongings with this iconic emblem. Perfect for jackets, backpacks, caps, and more.

Why Choose the Trump Mug Shot Morale Patch?

For those seeking a distinctive way to express their political stance, the Trump Mug Shot Morale Patch is an ideal choice. Whether you're aiming to create conversations, commemorate a significant moment, or simply showcase your unique point of view, this patch allows you to do so in a visually striking way.


  • Dimensions: 2x3 inches
  • Design: President Donald Trump's Mug Shot
  • Attachment: Velcro backing
  • Compatibility: Perfect for jackets, bags, caps, and political enthusiasts

Package Includes:

1 x Trump Mug Shot Velcro Morale Patch