--Our patches are NOT embroidered. We use a special process which puts the artwork INSIDE the actual threads of the patch! 

--Our patches will NEVER Fade and the artwork will NEVER scratch off. 

--We print in FULL COLOR and HI RESOLUTION which is impossible with standard embroidery.

--We have 2 sizes: 2x3" and 1x4" (which are the standard morale patch sizes). 

--All of our patches come with velcro attached PLUS a piece of the 'soft' side of the velcro which can easily be sewn onto any garment, cap or bag. 

--Our veclro is 'low profile' which means it can be sewn onto garments easily. Below is a picture of a customer who has sewn several of our patches onto a jacket.


Contact us at redheadedproductions@gmail.com with any questions!