A10 Warthog Heads Up Display HUD Acrylic LED Sign



A10 Warthog HUD Acrylic LED Sign

I created the LED light to give a perfectly accurate representation of the F-15 Eagle Heads Up Display (HUD) in Air to Air Mode using AIM7 Sparrow Missiles

I created the design and used my Glowforge to etch the clear acrylic.

The green lighting is just about perfect! It is hard to capture it in an Iphone photo but I did my best. I think you will be happy with how it looks on your shelf.

The light comes with a multi color capable remote, USB power as well as a battery compartment (It takes 3 AA batteries, not included).

I guarantee my work so if you are not satisfied you can always return it for a full refund.

RedHeadedTshirts.com proudly presents the A10 Warthog HUD Acrylic LED Sign, a captivating addition to any aviation enthusiast's collection. Join us as we explore the remarkable features of this LED sign, inspired by the iconic A10 Warthog aircraft, and how it brings the thrill of military aviation into your space.

Unveiling the LED Sign: The A10 Warthog HUD Acrylic LED Sign showcases the design elements of the A10 Warthog's Heads-Up Display (HUD). Crafted from high-quality acrylic, this LED sign features vivid colors and detailed graphics that replicate the HUD's interface. Measuring [insert dimensions], it brings the essence of the A10 Warthog's cockpit to life in your home or office.

Illuminate Your Space: With its built-in LED lights, the A10 Warthog HUD Acrylic LED Sign casts a warm and mesmerizing glow. Hang it on your wall, display it on a shelf, or use it as a captivating centerpiece to illuminate your space with the essence of military aviation. Let the iconic A10 Warthog inspire and energize your surroundings, creating a focal point that sparks conversation and admiration.

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Conclusion: RedHeadedTshirts.com's A10 Warthog HUD Acrylic LED Sign brings the power and thrill of the A10 Warthog aircraft into your space. Illuminate your surroundings with its captivating LED lights and let the iconic design of the HUD inspire your love for military aviation. Order your A10 Warthog HUD Acrylic LED Sign today and transform your space into a tribute to the incredible A10 Warthog and its fearless pilots.