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Bag of Holding Patch

Bag of Holding Patch

Morale Patch

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"Bag of Holding" D&D Roleplaying hook and loop Patch

1x4" hook and loop Morale Patch

Introducing the Redheaded Productions "Bag of Holding" Morale Patch – the ultimate accessory for adventurers and loot enthusiasts alike!

Imagine having a patch that magically expands to store all your treasures, potions, and even the occasional goblin (just kidding, goblins can be a bit unruly). Well, with our "Bag of Holding" patch, you can carry the spirit of this legendary item wherever you go.

Crafted with impeccable detail, this patch features a mystical bag that looks like it's ready to burst with goodies. Made from top-quality materials, it's built to withstand encounters with dragons, ogres, and even the occasional spilled soda (we've got your back, clumsy adventurers!).

Attach this patch to your backpack, jacket, or hat and let it serve as a reminder of your insatiable appetite for adventure and loot. Just don't be surprised if people start asking you to conjure up an extra sandwich or a spare set of dice – the power of the "Bag of Holding" patch is strong!

Perfect for Dungeons and Dragons enthusiasts, tabletop roleplaying aficionados, or anyone with a love for fantasy and endless storage solutions. Get ready to be the envy of your gaming group as you proudly display your "Bag of Holding" patch.

Please note: While this patch may look magical, it does not grant you the ability to carry infinite items or hold living creatures. Sorry, but you'll still need a good old-fashioned backpack for that.

Join the Redheaded Productions quest for stylish and whimsical patches and order your "Bag of Holding" Morale Patch today. Your adventures deserve nothing less!

Satisfaction Guarenteed

Hand Printed in the USA!

Awesome Photo quality detail not possible with embroidery

  • Hi Resolution, Unlimited Colors, Smooth gradients
  • No connecting threads between words
  • No threads to fray

Durable because image is permanently dyed into the patch
Feel free to wash them off if they get dirty!

Hook and Loop Backed to stick to tactical caps, backpacks, gear etc!

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