Face Palm 4x Custom Morale Patch



Multicam "FacePalm 4x" Custom Morale Patch

2x3" hook and loop Morale Patch

When you just can't take it anymore, but you have to stay tactical....This patch is for you.

I Print all my Custom hook and loop Morale patches BY Hand in the USA.
What's so great about them?
-They are NOT embroidered. The image is FUSED into the patch itself. It will not scratch or fade!
-Unlimited colors
-Hi Res Images!
-hook and loop Backed to stick to tactical caps, backpacks, gear etc!
-Awesome Photo quality detail
-No threads to fray
-Clean look without connecting threads between words
-Durable because image is permanently dyed into the patch
-Feel free to wash them off if they get dirty!
-Photographs can be reproduced - not possible with embroidery
-Smooth gradients can be reproduced - not possible with embroidery