Geonosis Star Wars Passport Stamp Morale Patch



Geonosis Star Wars Passport Stamp hook and loop Morale Patch

Travel to a galaxy far, far away with's Geonosis Passport Stamp Morale patch! This patch is your VIP pass to relive the action-packed Clone Wars and witness the chaos caused by the bumbling Trade Federation.

Imagine strutting around like a battle-hardened Jedi, proudly displaying your Geonosis passport stamp. People will be in awe of your Star Wars expertise and wonder if you've secretly mastered the Force.

Featuring the iconic Geonosis skyline, this patch transports you to a desert planet filled with droid factories and more action than a cantina on a Saturday night. It's like having a souvenir from a vacation that never happened, but in a cooler, more intergalactic way.

Attach this patch to your jacket, backpack, or even your lightsaber hilt (if you're that committed), and watch as fellow Star Wars fans flock to you like Tusken Raiders to a moisture farm.

But beware, wearing this patch may attract the attention of battle droids who mistake you for a high-ranking Jedi general. Don't worry, though—you've got the wit and charm to negotiate your way out of any sticky situation. Just remember to carry a translator droid in case you need to communicate with the locals.

So, join the ranks of Star Wars aficionados and proudly sport the Geonosis Passport Stamp Morale patch. Whether you're battling Sith lords or engaging in a friendly lightsaber duel, this patch will make you feel like you're part of the action.

Hand Printed in the USA!