H&R M1 Garand PERSONALIZED Receiver Coffee Mug



H&R M1 Garand Coffee Mug

(Add YOUR Rifle's SERIAL #)

This custom 11oz coffee mug features 2 images set on a shiny olive drab & Army Brown background
  1. LEFT SIDE: Receiver Stamp image from an H&R M1 Garand + Your serial Number (or choose any text...or no text)
  2. RIGHT SIDE: M1 Garand + Patton's Quote 'The Greatest Battle Implement Ever Devised'
This shiny mug is dishwasher and microwave safe. I create each mug individually in my shop in the USA. The background of each mug is unique. I vary the process by which I create the mug to give each one its own distressed (but shiny like a regular coffee mug) background. MESSAGE ME with the info you'd like put on the Mug when you send payment